Winter Dreams

LAGOM-Frostbite Gacha @ Lost & Found [01a] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fairybush A] [01b] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha  [Fairybush B] [01c] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha  [Fairybush C] [01d] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha  [Fairybush D] [02a] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Light Tree A] [02B] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Light Tree B] [03] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Light Tree Arch] [04] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha … Continue reading Winter Dreams


Vintage Living

"I look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture." ~ Kelly Wearstler ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ :: FEATURED DECOR :: KK HOME - WALTHAM WOODBURNER - CREAM @ The Old Fair {Q-Essentials} Old Town Clock @ The Old Fair {Q-Essentials} Upcycled Side table @ The Old Fair irrie's { Dollhouse } ~ Patchwork Dining @ The Old Fair *Includes 4 chairs … Continue reading Vintage Living

:: 150 :: Let’s Talk

::THE BODY::HEAD :: Catwa :: AliceSKIN :: Bold & Beauty :: LindseyBODY :: Maitreya :: Lara::THE LOOK::HAIR :: +Spellbound+ :: Nahara TOP :: Blueberry :: MinaSKIRT :: >Noir Neige< :: COCO Skirt :: CeriseSHOES :: Slippers Original - Marisol Sandals :: Group Gift::THE SCENE::LISP :: Charlotte Home Sofa :: LightMuddPuddles: :: Infant Swing :: Satin Dots~*~ Inspired ~*~ Study Desk (Girls)~*~ Inspired ~*~ Toy Crate (Girl)~*~ … Continue reading :: 150 :: Let’s Talk

~ Feeling Crafty ~

ROOM DECORATIONS: Irrie's {Dollhouse} Vintage Craft Room Set @ The Gacha Garden *i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Patchwork Stool*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Crafting Desk*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Unfinished Dollhouse RARE*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Fabric Basket*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Inspiration Board*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Yarn Basket*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Craft Bins*i {DH} Gacha! Vintage Heart Tapestry RARE*i {DH} Gacha! … Continue reading ~ Feeling Crafty ~