~ Happy New Year ~

Happy New Year!!!It has been a while since I've posted a blog. I do apologize for that, the holiday season can be a very busy time. But, never fear your precious jewel of the moon is back! Oh, and I seem to have gotten a tan. I am still using my LOGO Chloe head (it's … Continue reading ~ Happy New Year ~


~ Me & You ~

Hello beautiful people!I come today bearing greatness from across the grid. But, before I get to that greatness I must say a great big THANK YOU! to my buddy Brad who helped me with this almost kissy face pose. He had to deal with my indecisiveness for quite a bit so if you see him … Continue reading ~ Me & You ~

~ Black Magic ~

Hello Loves!!So if you follow me on FB you know already that I am converting JOTM to an all adult fashion and such type blog. So to kick off JOTMs conversion I bring you Black Magic! To start Violetility has one in store release and two items in events that are coming up soon and must … Continue reading ~ Black Magic ~

~ Winter With You ~

Hello Jewels!!So first of all I have to say a great big THANK YOU!!! to my Starshine Tristyn for letting me use his bod for this post! :p I heart your face mucho!!! So I have something new from the Totally Top Shelf event for you. A cozy sweater for all of you scrooges out there. … Continue reading ~ Winter With You ~

~ Jacqueline Skullington ~

Hello Darlings!Looks like Jacqueline has been shopping at this round of Totally Top Shelf. That would explain her Krampus style this holiday season. So, what sort of goodies did she find? Well for starters, Suicide Girls has a set of horns that she just couldn't resist. The horns come in 6 colors black, red, purple, … Continue reading ~ Jacqueline Skullington ~

~ Naughty or Nice ~

Hello Beauties! Tis the season to be naughty ;)! I have some awesome new exclusives for the Totally Top Shelf Event from Jinx and Just Another Shop {JAS}. So this round is Black Krampus... If you are unaware of who Krampus is, he's the guy who goes around punishing all the naughty kids. Lets be honest, … Continue reading ~ Naughty or Nice ~