Good Girl

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." ~ Josh Billings ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ *photo taken at SOL Farm* ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ :: BODY :: ::Body:: -Belleza- Venus V4 ::Eyes:: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Asian Black ::Head:: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 ::Skin:: .tsg. Helli Applier for Catwa Bibi *OMEGA* - A Tone ::Hair:: [RA] Jade Hair *Gift* @ Hairology ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ … Continue reading Good Girl


Vintage Living

"I look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture." ~ Kelly Wearstler ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲.εϊз.✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲ :: FEATURED DECOR :: KK HOME - WALTHAM WOODBURNER - CREAM @ The Old Fair {Q-Essentials} Old Town Clock @ The Old Fair {Q-Essentials} Upcycled Side table @ The Old Fair irrie's { Dollhouse } ~ Patchwork Dining @ The Old Fair *Includes 4 chairs … Continue reading Vintage Living

Distant Memories

Memories are meant to be remembered because even the bad memories are usually part of something we once thought was good. -Rashida Rowe :: BODY :: ::Body:: -Belleza- Venus V4 ::Eyes:: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Asian Black ::Head:: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 ::Skin:: .tsg. Helli Applier for Catwa Bibi *OMEGA* - A Tone ::Hair:: Moon. Hair. // Sun Shy :: CLOTHING :: ::Shirt:: ~ i`piteme~ Franny … Continue reading Distant Memories

:: 134 :: Daydreaming

::THE BODY::HEAD:: CATWA :: AliceBODY:: Maitreya :: LaraSKIN:: Bold & Beauty :: Lindsay::THE LOOK::HAIR:: [Runaway] :: Mona Hair ::Ombres & RootsCLOTHING:: Emberotic's Fashion Designs :: Reaching for the Summer Sunrise Hunt Gift SHOES:: Slipper :: Zoie Sneakers :: Revamped::THE SCENE::Shabby Tabby :: Country Time Set :: The Instruments*Shabby* Country Time Potting Shed*Shabby* Country Time Plants 1-4MishMish :: Spring Grass :: WhiteJIAN :: Rock Tile Paths :: We ❤ … Continue reading :: 134 :: Daydreaming

:: 129 :: Come With Me

Photo with Misa of PastelMe::THE BODY::HEAD:: CATWA :: AliceBODY:: Maitreya :: LaraSKIN:: Bold & Beauty :: Lindsay::THE LOOK::HAIR:: [elikatira] :: BrielleJEWELRY:: !Indulge Temptation! :: Heion Set 2 :: Designer CircleDRESS:: paper.arrow :: slip.dress :: SHOES:: :: Honey.Platforms (Antique)COMPANION:: JIAN :: Kitten Collection :: Companion::THE SCENE::::Shabby Tabby:: Counterpoint Set :: Roulett 3::Includes::::Shabby:: Counterpoint Arbor- Plain::Shabby:: Counterpoint … Continue reading :: 129 :: Come With Me

~ Spring Day~

Hello Jewels!!!It's a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy a fresh breeze and a good cup of tea. If you haven't been to YouGatcha yet you are certainly missing out because there is lots of great designers and lots of great items. One of those designers happens to be Cheeky Geeky who brings us … Continue reading ~ Spring Day~