~ Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? ~

Hello Again!! Today my Elliebug came over to spend some time with her Nana. We were having a nice time inside relaxing when we noticed it had been snowing. Of course we couldn't pass up the chance to go out and build a snowman using a great new pose from P.O.S.E. kids. We each pulled on … Continue reading ~ Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? ~


~ Amethyst Dreams ~

Hello Loves!JOTM is happy to bring you an exclusive (is it really exclusive? hmm idk) sneak peek at what you will find in the up coming round of Totally Top Shelf (TTS). The next round opens December 2nd and runs until December 23rd. The theme this round is Black Krampus.  Today I am featuring two … Continue reading ~ Amethyst Dreams ~

~ Throwback Thursday ~

Hello loves!I decided that every Thursday I am going to be digging through my closet and shaking the dust off some things. I will also occasionally feature a friend or two along side me. I feel like this is going to be something fun. Also, like its something new.So this week two of my favorite … Continue reading ~ Throwback Thursday ~

~ Je Suis Paris ~

Hello loves, By now I am sure most of you, if not all of you have heard about the recent tragedy that has taken place in Paris, France. Terrorist attacks not only injured but killed hundreds this past Friday. The Second Life community as well as the many people of the real world have come together … Continue reading ~ Je Suis Paris ~

~ Friday’s Finds ~

Happy Monday!!!please don't shoot me hahaFriday I dragged my sisters around the grid to do Fifty Linden Friday shopping. Probably something I love almost as much as I love hunts. Figured I'd share My favorite items in case you missed them.. The first is a super cute Poncho from ~Pixicat~ which can also be found at … Continue reading ~ Friday’s Finds ~

~ Catch Me If You Can ~

Hello again!! Yaay ok so more awesome things from The Dirty Turkey Hunt. If you didn't know it was going on.. now you do. And, if you haven't gotten started... do it now lol. This hunt last until Nov. 30th and has lots of amazing gifts. The hunt is from Depraved Nation and contains 100 … Continue reading ~ Catch Me If You Can ~