Nicole’s Essentials

Catwa Alice
I love this head for when I am doing my older RP anything over 21. I especially love that I can wear this head with my Lindsey skin from Bold & Beauty (an essential as well) and still maintain my look I have with my Bibi head just more grown up. 

Catwa Bibi
Literally when I saw the WIP for Bibi I knew I had to have this head for my teen rp. Not only is it adorably cute the animations with it are amazing. As I said earlier I love that with my skin from Bold & Beauty as well as other stores I can maintain the same sort of style and just look a bit younger. I personally feel that if you are a teen ISL and you are in search of a mesh head you check out Bibi.
Maitreya Lara
I have always loved my Maitreya body. The shape of the breasts, the shape of the butt, it is just a body that has always felt realistic to me and for a very long time it was my favorite. I love in particular the amount of clothing available for this body and how easy that makes shopping now days. If I could have anything added to this body it would be hand poses. Other than that 10/10 on a scale of love!

Belleza Isis
Isis comes first because it is normally my go to body. To be totally honest I don’t know why I choose Isis over Venus when it comes to getting dressed, maybe it’s the challenge when it comes to finding things in my inv that fits? No idea, but what I do know is that I absolutely love the updates Belleza has done with the huds for the bodies giving more cuts and more options to save skins, nail polishes, applier layers, alphas, and of course how can one not love all of the hand poses this body comes with?  

Belleza Venus
Everything I have to say about Isis is the same for Venus as well, the only difference is Venus has a lot more clothing available in fitmesh sizes. I wear the same shape with all 3 of my bodies and if you take a look at them I think you can note the difference in the waist area of each. I love Venus because she is much closer to my RL body shape just Isis gives me a challenge that I can’t let myself let go of.

Euphoric Fem Eyes
I got these eyes as a group gift at random and I instantly fell in love. If mesh eyes are your thing and you are looking for a new place to try I 100% recommend Euphoric. They are just simply beautiful and not just these, literally all of the eyes in store.

Belleza Hand Poses
Did you see my hands posed in a photo by chance? These are the poses that come in the Belleza body hud for the hands. I honestly love the design of this and if anything the only other pose I would possibly want would be the victory (or peace) sign. If you don’t have Belleza and are interested in hand poses never fear because Slink has many to offer you. 
Those are my essentials if you have any questions or comments leave them below or send me a NC in world @ NicoleSincere Resident ❤ Thanks & happy reading!