Playin’ Games

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”
― Benjamin Franklin

Maybe this quote isn’t about video games but, in my opinion, it’s a valid statement. If you stop playing games you grow old. You use your imagination less and lose a part of your creativity. Stay young in second life with this PC gamers gacha from .nakaedo, add a bit of art to your life with Boomerangs and Didgeridoos from Rekt.


The pose in this post was made by me.

The chair is scripted and does have poses in it just not this one.



:: BODY ::
::Body:: -Belleza- Venus V4
::Eyes:: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Asian Black
::Head:: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9
::Skin:: .tsg. Helli Applier for Catwa Bibi *OMEGA* – A Tone

::Hair:: Love [Miles] @ The Liaison Collaborative (TLC)



::Top:: Mon Ami – Beverly Top

::Panties:: Legal Insanity – Georgia panties **Past Gift**

::Socks:: [VALE KOER] THERMAL SOCKS **Past Gift**


blog 11.8.16.png



.nakaedo .PCGamingSetup Gatcha @ You.Gatcha

12 Common and 1 Rare

[.nakaedo] .GamingChair – Rare – 7LI
[.nakaedo] .Desk – Common – 3LI
[.nakaedo] .Curved Monitors – Common – 3LI
[.nakaedo] .Laptop Stand – Common – 1LI
[.nakaedo] .Headphones Stand – Common(Headphones not included) – 1
[.nakaedo] .Laptop – Common – 1LI
[.nakaedo] .GamingPC – Common – 4LI
[.nakaedo] .LED – Common – 5LI
[.nakaedo] .Speakers – Common – 2LI
[.nakaedo] .Keyboard – Common – 2LI
[.nakaedo] .Mouse – Common – 2LI
[.nakaedo] .Mousepad – Common – 1LI

REKT Reppin Stralia Gacha @ 6 Republic

REKT Boomerang Decor Aqua

REKT Boomerang Decor Dark Brown RARE

REKT Boomerang Decor Pink

REKT Didgeridoo Blue

REKT Didgeridoo Wood RARE


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