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~Reel Poses – Cute girls
Hello Jewels!!!
Yes new blog name (hope you like it) but you guys will always be my Jewels! Sooo today I mixing old with new mainly because I was feeling a bit lazy and only wanted to hang at the beach today. Also I haven’t got a new swim suit because I’d rather see all the new cute stuff that will be out when summer hits. I was going to save something witty about saving money but then I realized not buying a suit now doesn’t mean I am saving… Just means I am spending elsewhere lolol.
Anyways that brings me to this blog post. My bestie was thoroughly entertained by my ranting while working on photos so a big thank you to her for being able to sit through that and laugh about it.. SL drives me mad sometimes… We did a beach shoot like I said and we used 3 poses from Reel Poses all of which are group gifts… The one up top is the current group gift and is free at the moment.. The two poses down below are past group gifts and each are 10L a piece so if you want to go grab those do it soon because there’s no telling when the prices will change. Also if you join the group be sure to stick around because there’s always cute new poses for singles, friends, and couples.
My swimsuit comes from Cynful and has fit mesh sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Physique. There are also standard sizes for XXS-L. The swimsuit includes a hud that allows you to change the metal colors of the chain that connects it. And if you look in store or on marketplace you can find it in a variety of colors. My hair today is a past gacha from Exile and to be quite honest I don’t even remember which event I got it from xD.. I did do a marketplace search for it though and you can still find it there. The pack includes two versions of the hair Give and Take one being a little windblownish (that’s now a word feel free to use it lol) and the other is just a cute down boobeh lengthed hair with a bang over the right eye. 
My nail polish came from Hello Dave. If you aren’t familiar with HD then let me tell you really quick that this store is like nail polish heaven!! This cute hot pink and banana polish is the current VIP group gift and the group is free to join! Weekly you get exclusive gifts and also there is a panel on the wall containing all the past group gifts. That isn’t all though you also earn 10% in store credit with every purchase you make as well as receive L200$ store credit for your Rezday (must IM the owner). The nail huds work for Slink and Omega based hands/feet… Sorry Maitreya peeps I know it makes me sad as well but If you own Slink hands/feet or have Belleza body or some other omega compatible hand/feet system you are in luck. 
No location for you guys today because these photos were taken at my family’s beach house but all the info to what I have on can be found down below!
Again a big THANK YOU to Pixie for posing with me ♡
As always, Thank you for reading!!

~Reel Poses – Beach!




~Reel Poses – Cute girls
~Reel Poses – Beach!
~Reel Poses – Good company

~Reel Poses – Good company


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