~ Hanging Around ~

Hello Jewels!
Someone asked me recently where do I find my inspiration to blog… The answer? I honestly don’t know. It’s like a combination between the designers creations, where I’m at, and my mood. I change clothes probably 6 times a day which for most bloggers that’s possibly 6 blogs a day but for me no.. I change until I get it right until that inspiration hits. Like today… 
I think I had on two other outfits before settling on this corset top and necklace from HollyWeird with pants from CandyDoll. But even that took me a while because then I was like what hair and shoes will I put on with this outfit? Before I finally slipped into a pair of heels from Nior Neige and hair from Spellbound.
When all was said and done I felt like I looked pretty good… but the mood to blog hadn’t struck yet so I got off my butt and went around exploring and came across Ironwood Hills. IH is like an old grungy wasteland type place with dirty abandoned carnival rides and games. There’s “shops” (quotes because they aren’t real shops) and plenty to see. If you go there you should probably use a darker windlight to really get the full “grunge” effect otherwise it’s not as enjoyable. Anyways I found myself inside an old circus tent with a trapeze ring so I decided to sit. And that my dear Jewels is when the inspiration hit me. 
And thus these photos were born…
The Landmark to Ironwood Hills can be found down below there is plenty to see and lots to take photos of. 
Thanks for reading!
(Past Gacha)
(4 metal options in HUD)
(4 styles hands, eyes, zombies, skulls)
(gacha 3 rares 8 commons for slink high feet only)


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