~ Sunset ~

Hello Jewels!
Bringing you more greatness from a few designers in the Totally Top Shelf event. 
My dress today is from Moon Elixir as well as the necklace. The dress contains a hud with various texture options and options to change the metal color as well… The sides of the dress are held together by chain. My hair is from Calico Hair you can find this with many different color packs to choose from. There is also a hud to change the colors of the ringlets on the hair. And finally my tiara is from Sweet Lies. There are 3 pack versions to choose from. 
I took my photos at a sim named Belegaer. Around the area are other sims which are perfect for taking photos and full of things to see. 
Landmarks will be located below.
Thanks for reading!
*C* Thora @ Totally Top Shelf
Moon Elixir – Ragnarok @ Totally Top Shelf
*includes dress & necklace*

*SL* Halldora Tiara 1 Gold @ Totally Top Shelf

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