~ In the Dark ~

Hello Jewels!!
Did some exploring today. Got turned around, lost, and confused a few times before stopping to take a selfie in one of the latest outfits from .HollyWeird. 
So real quick about the sim before I get into the clothing and such… The sim is called Bryn Oh’s The Singularity of Kumiko. It’s a place that has an experience feature.. You go to the landing point, set your windlight settings to the appropriate setting (in this case phototools no light & turn advanced lighting model on with shadows set to sun, moon & projector), then head into the sim. Once you enter there will be a light attached to your head (as seen in the photos) and a hud attached to the upper righthand portion of your screen. The whole experience is about a girl who got lost in the woods and there are clues to collect like messages in bottles and USB drives. Don’t ask me how it ends I honestly have no clue I wondered around for 2 hours finding myself rather lost and regretting doing that experience on my own. So I plan to go back with friends later this week and I would recommend to you my wonderful readers to take a friend with you as well… preferably someone good with directions because it’s easy to get lost in the dark. 
Alright now lets get into what I’ve got on. The crop top and baggy pants are both from .HollyWeird. and can be found at the 100 Block. Both come in many different colors and for the top there are a few with sayings/designs on the front. The one I have on in the photos reads “Waiting for the vampires to claim me.” Actually kind of perfect for wandering around a dark sim all night and still a better love story than twilight. Sorry I had too. 
The hair I have on is from Wasabi Pills and can be found at this round of FaMESHed. I am a big fan of WP hair and very indecisive when it comes to color so I always get the essential pack. My boots happen to be a favorite of mine from Enelya’s Créations. They are non rigged 100% mesh and come with a texture change hud that includes 4 colors and 2 different lining options. They are also resize scripted. 
Hopefully you guys enjoyed, I will place the landmark to the sim I explored today down below as well as the locations for everything else. 
Thank you for reading! 
.HW. Rania .Crop Top. // Vamp
.HW. Rania .Baggies. // Black


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