~ Nicki the Noble ~

Hello Jewels!!!
Just kidding I couldn’t be scary if I tried lolol. If you are wondering what’s up with the viking outfit it’s all apart of the new round of Totally Top Shelf. The theme is Valhalla to Ragnarok so if you are feeling a bit on the untamed side head over and get yourself some great viking gear. 
Let me tell you a little about what I have on.. I usually talk from the top up but today I’ll work my way from the bottom to the top. The Whoreshop made these cute Dorlein boots that come with a 5 color change hud. The include fitted mesh sizes for classic avatars and maitreya sizes too. The maitreya size includes auto-hide for the alpha… I don’t know if it is just me but I love that feature. The skirt, top and shoulder fur are from Mistique and come in both light and dark (not pictured) versions. There is also an outfit for males (sorry fellas for not taking a picture) . My awesome viking kit is from Poisoend Diamond .. the red version there is blue available as well. The kit includes the axe, shield, and helmet. Last but not least my face paint… or makeup rather is from Stix. The makeup comes in 5 styles (which I will be sharing each during the event) and has both black and white color options included. There are classic layers as well as omega appliers for Catwa, Gaeline, & LOGO mesh heads when you use the proper omega kit for your face :p. 
This picture was taken at Folkvang Norse a super cool viking sim with a bunch of things to do.. I chose the boat to take my photo because I was ready for an adventure. I will leave the landmark in the credits so you can check out the sim for yourself. 
As always.. Thanks for reading!
Oh and remember..
Always be yourself. 
Unless you can be a viking.
Then always be a viking
Mistique – Adele Light male version avail as well as dark version @ Totally Top Shelf
*skirt, top, shoulder fur

{TWS} – Dorlein Boots @ Totally Top Shelf
Stix ~ Viking for TTS April @ Totally Top Shelf

(Poisoend Diamond) Viking Kit – red @ Totally Top Shelf



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