~ Under Pink Skies ~

Hello Jewels!!!!
Today I bring you cuteness @ Kawaii PonPon.. Literally just there not like “from” there okay so let’s not get our hopes up the blog with cuteness FROM there will come later.. like maybe next week. 😀 
If you have been to Kawaii PonPon sim maybe you only noticed the vendor area and how cute it is set up… I squealed when I saw it but don’t tell anyone that okay. Anyway, up in the sky there is even more cute going on with waterfalls, bubble stars, light swirls, and ponds.. lakes? WATER with star steps and Leaf chairs!!! I couldn’t help myself since I was already dressed up cute I decided to strike a couple poses and take some selfies. If you want to wander over or back if you have already been I will leave the landmark down in the credits… 
BUT FIRST let me tell you about my cute little outfit! My hair is from Elikatira it’s called Enjoy and let me tell you enjoy it is what I did. Earlier in the day I bounced my happy go lucky self over to Epic and picked up the new Unicorn Sweater which reads “B*tch Please, I Ride A Unicorn.” *snaps fingers all sassy like* I didn’t ride a unicorn that day but I did have some on standby incase they were needed. Instead I stomped around in my Epic Sweet Suede Boots which I acquired along with the sweater. The boots were only 100L for a limited time so you may want to check and see if you can get them before they go back to full price. They come in many colors just like the sweater but I chose baby pink because why not? Yup so… Last winter I snagged some lace tights from JK Style because they were a group gift and in my mind I was like “OMG CUUUTTTTTEEEE!” but I was also like “I won’t ever have a reason to wear these.” Well I was WRONG! Bookmark this post & date because I won’t ever admit to being wrong again.. (that is a lie I might admit it again). Anyway these tights have appliers for all the bodies and come in a few colors like white (shown), pink, purple, blue… just to name a few. 
While taking photos I held onto Keitai Smart Phone from TSG for dear life because I would have died if I dropped it in the water. A cute Unicorn Pendant Necklace graced my neck while on my wrist was my Unicute Charm bracelet. Both from TSG like my fingernails which were a group gift for the V.I.P’s Pink Bunny Nails *wiggles fingers at you*. This Abrasive Charmed Unicorn Backpack was at the last.. last Oh My Gacha event (that means time before last because I’m bad with dates). I will link the store because maybe you can still find it there if not I suggest checking marketplace..
*skips around all happy like* 
I think that’s all for what I was wearing so… LET THE CREDITS ROLL….
oh.. the glasses.. I stole those from a child but pretend you didn’t hear that okay?! 
Thanks for reading 
Love you guys!
::JK Style:: Lace Tights – Past Group Gift

.tsg. Keitai Smart Phone – Beary-san Pink
.tsg. Unicorn Pendant – Pink
.tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet – Rainbow
.tsg. V.I.P Group Gift March 2016 – Pink Bunny Nails



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