~ Sunny Day ~

Hello Jewels!!!
If you missed Pillows Easter Garden Gacha set at Color Me Cute last month I have news for you… The set will be available at this months You Gatcha event. I know what you may be thinking… “Easter?” Well… the holiday may have passed but Spring is in the air and garden parties are always in style. Well made, low prim, lots of cuteness… Why not go and try your luck?
18 Commons & 2 Rares

[P] Pillows: Easter Garden Set @ You Gatcha


[P] Pillows: Easter Roses
[P] Pillows: Bon Bons
[P] Pillows: Beverage Stand
[P] Pillows: Blue Balloon
[P] Pillows: Bunny Cup Cakes
[P] Pillows: Bunny Sugar Cookies
[P] Pillows: Chocolate Bunnies
[P] Pillows: Easter Basket
[P] Pillows: Easter Egg Sugar Cookies
[P] Pillows: Egg Cage RARE
[P] Pillows: Egg Cage Stairs
[P] Pillows: Green Balloon
[P] Pillows: Lemonade
[P] Pillows: Long Table
[P] Pillows: Napkins
[P] Pillows: Paper cups
[P] Pillows: Purple Balloon
[P] Pillows: Table Tent
[P] Pillows: Tripple Sandwich Tray
[P] Pillows: Tripple Stack Cake


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