~ Coffee or Bust ~

Hello Loves! 
Let me tell you something I hate…. Waking up to find there is only Decaf Coffee left in the house. What kind of sick twisted joke is that? Certainly not one to play first thing in the morning I can promise you that haha. So what do you do in that situation? Me… well I get up and find it in myself to prepare to deal with people because no doubt someone is going to try to hold a conversation not realizing there is a beast that lies within which can only be sustained by the pure goodness that well caffeinated coffee brings. I grab myself a quick shower, pull on my Neige Dress by Noir Neige, slip my feet into my sexy Break Up Pumps by Reign, and put my hair up. I head over to Asphyxiation Point because in the middle of the town there is a cute little bistro cart that has some of the best coffee by far! After getting my steaming hot cup of joe I plaster a smile on my face.. happy that I managed to not hurt anyone or myself during this process. 
Tell me how you handle the lack of caffeine in the morning in the comments. 
Thanks for stopping by ❤ 




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