~ Half-Way There ~

Hello Everyone! 
Wow so… Today I have a rather long post for you all because I am super excited and proud to announce that today March 26, 2016 Jewel of the Moon turns 6 months old!!! Yaaaay!!!! Maybe to some people that isn’t really a big deal, but for me it is. A lot has taken place in the last 6 months both good, bad, and in between. When I first started blogging I was more than sure I would never get better. I mean with photos, posts, and everything that goes into blogging as a whole. 
I had a lot of guidance from people which really helped me grow both with my blog and as a person. There were times that I was ready to quit and so many people encouraged me to keep going and offered their advice (both wanted and unwanted haha). The point is I stuck with it and here we are 6 months later and well advanced from where I was when I first started out and still so much to learn. 
Blogging for me is a creative outlet. I’ve tried to make mesh and let’s be honest you have to have a lot of patience to sit and learn how to work blender. I have a ton of respect for anyone who creates original mesh and also those who are only skilled enough to texture it (I tried that too haven’t given up yet but… my brain…. xD). Looking back at all of the posts I have done, I can remember everything that was taking place at that point in my life it’s like… the blog post tells one story for the readers and the photo tells another for me. 
Jewel of the Moon is my labor of love and I truly do love to blog. I’ve made new friends through blogging, found new places, tried new things, and ultimately became a much happier person. Blogging gives me a goal which everyday is the same “To be better than I was yesterday.” So far that goal has been achieved many times over and now I have people who come to me for advice with getting started on their blogs which is another thing that motivates me to keep going. 
I have amazing sponsors who were kind enough to give me a chance when I was just figuring this blog thing out. Some have I have been with for the past 6 months, others are newer and hopefully I will be able to stick with them for a great amount of time. I still have no Idea how it happened but I managed to snag myself a spot as a blogger for not one but two events now which is pretty exciting. To be honest it also feels like advancing to the next step in a way because I have to learn how to manage and merge and make everything work when it’s all going on at once but I’ve got this. I can handle it. 
I’m so grateful to all of my sponsors, readers, motivators, and everyone else. I’m sure you all are like “OMG YOU TALK TOO MUCH!” and maybe I do haha ,but never fear I am getting into the real reason why we are here and that’s super great things to spend our monies on! Thanks again for being in my corner. Looking forward to seeing where I’ll be in another 6 months. 
Like I said this is a long post.. Like 3 in one.. 
First up…
I set up this whole scene but there were only a few things that were really the focus here… The bed that I am chained to 😉 is an original mesh from Violetitlity. It has tons (and I mean tons) of poses in it. Single, Duo, Trio, Quad… In an effort to keep this post on the “PG” side I only showed the single poses. I just… The details are beyond great, all of the poses are amazing. If you are a Dom or Sub or heck even if you are a closet kinkster this bed is a must have. Next to the bed is one of a few shelves from a store called Essay. These shelves can be found at a new gacha event called YouGatcha which opens April 1st (this is not a joke). I thought this one was just the right amount of sexy for this room. The chair in the corner if you missed Fifty Linden Friday this week don’t worry I’m sure you can still find it because it’s from Consignment. The “Hot Tramp” sign is from Junk, also from this week’s Fifty Linden Friday. I have a thing for wire signs and neon signs so I certainly wasn’t missing my chance to snag that. 

Next Up…
One of my newest sponsors Noir Neige makes some really great clothing and this cream colored dress with neck corset is only one of the items she has to offer. This dress and corset can be found in multiple color options in store and on marketplace. The dress comes with a HUD allowing you to change the color texture of the belt. Also… I found this great sim called Embryo that is perfect for taking pictures (which is where this was taken). The sim allows you to run scripts and rez items but please if you go remember to clean up after yourself. The landmark can be found below with the rest of the details. ❤ 


Just in time for spring JLZ Fashion has this cute little daisy halter dress in store. This super cute dress can be found in two other patterns Dot and Floral which are also perfect for spring. The hair is a cute something I picked up at Elikatira during the sale which I went by yesterday to check and it’s still happening so go go go before it’s too late. I took this picture at Grace Island which has a lot of space to take great pictures… There’s a beach, an outdoor dining set up, and so much more. I’ll leave the landmark below so you can go check it out yourselves. 


Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to drop a comment on this post or send me an IM/NC in world NicolSincere Resident ❤ 

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