~ Strike A Pose ~

Hello Beauties!!
Back with some great new items for you!! The Pose Lover event is happening now and it ends Jan 15th! Still weird to type January, can’t believe it’s a new year! On the bright side great new things are among us the focus here today would be these great poses from Selenophilia that you can find at the Pose Lover event. You can literally find one to suit your needs.. 
Are you the avid selfie snapper? There’s a pose for that…
Are you the super sexy all eyes on me type? Yup.. pose for that too
Left: Selenophilia – Cool Teal , Right: Selenophilia – Pose Me Pretty (this one is the event gift)

Maybe you are the jump in at the last min and end up photo bombing type? *checks the list* that’s there too!!
Simply the photo bomber that does weird things like grab your boobs in the background of other people’s photos? I see you and guess what.. That’s on the list also!!
Left/Right: Selenophilia – Photo Bombie 
Party animals like hey where’s my pose? I see you droppin it low on the dance floor don’t worry that’s covered too!
Basically what it comes down to is there’s a pose for every style and the event last till the 15th. I’d never tell you what to do but I would say that if I was you… I’d make my way over and check out these and all the other great poses that you can find before this round is up.

Left/Right: Selenophilia – Drop It Low


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