~ Happy New Year ~

Happy New Year!!!
It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I do apologize for that, the holiday season can be a very busy time. But, never fear your precious jewel of the moon is back! Oh, and I seem to have gotten a tan. I am still using my LOGO Chloe head (it’s my obsession) I just switched to the Amber skin tone.
So lets dive right in to the awesomeness that awaits. After saying THANK YOU! to Jesse for letting me use his handsome pixels yet again. I have some pretty awesome items that I got from PurpleMoon during the advent. There was a total of 24 gifts each day something more fabulous than the last. I got this wonderful headpiece, necklace, and earrings. The dress is from Tiffany Designs if you go on marketplace you can catch it on sale (I’m not sure how long it lasts so make sure to check it out fast). My shoes are from Reign. I got them a while ago in a fat pack for 50L friday. They have both solid and two tone color options as well as 6 color textures and 5 metal textures. 
The hair is a new MM item at Besom called Hannu. It’s a fatpack with 16 different HUDs so get down there and tag the board asap. You need to be in the group (free to join). Copy and paste into local chat to join the group. secondlife:///app/group/74df908f-a215-9d5e-38e2-34c7899dfdf9/about You can find a tp down below. P.O.S.E. made this wonderful couples pose for the New Year so be sure to stop by the MP to check it out if you haven’t already taken your pic with your significant other to bring in the year. 
Besom~ Hannu

TD Kalo Mesh Dress


:: PM :: Ireth Chain Halo Headpiece (Small) -White Marble-
:: PM :: Ireth Earring -White Marble
:: PM :: Venice Necklace in White
p.o.s.e. happy new year


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