~ Black Magic ~

Hello Loves!!
So if you follow me on FB you know already that I am converting JOTM to an all adult fashion and such type blog. So to kick off JOTMs conversion I bring you Black Magic
To start Violetility has one in store release and two items in events that are coming up soon and must be checked out. The first of which are these amazing pasties that make my tatas feel right at home :p, they come in 3 versions and two options linked or unlinked. Only one pair is shown in the blog post, but they each have amazing design quality that I am more than sure you will love. These can be found at the next round of Suicide Dollz which starts Dec. 20th
Next up is the Lunar Bracelets which obviously are going to be my favorite accessory for a while considering they can be found in 6 colors and each circle on them is a different moon phase. I am addicted. You can catch these at the next round of Black Craft that opens Dec. 15th. For the In store release there is an amazing altar that you can either use for all your witchy needs or as a desk of sorts to set out items for people. Either way its got great detail and is the perfect asset to any home or store. 
What else could I possibly have to share with you you ask? Well, unless you have been away playing RL you will have heard Reign has made some killer boots that people can’t get enough of. These thigh high answers to all of life’s boot questions can be found either at the Reign main store or at Blueberry (yuus they collaborated and it was awesome). Throw in some hair from Blues, a corset from Allure, and the panties that came with the Maitreya Mesh Body and you are good to go. 
.:V:. Pasties – Shielded @ Suicide Dollz – Dec. 20th
.:V:. Lunar Bracelet – Gunmetal @ Black Craft – Dec. 15th


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