~ Naughty or Nice ~

Hello Beauties! 
Tis the season to be naughty ;)! I have some awesome new exclusives for the Totally Top Shelf Event from Jinx and Just Another Shop {JAS}. So this round is Black Krampus… If you are unaware of who Krampus is, he’s the guy who goes around punishing all the naughty kids. Lets be honest, a few of you could do with a little punishing, and I’m sure some of you would enjoy it. 
For this round Jinx put together a sexy little elf outfit complete with dress, antlers, socks, garters and arm bands. This whole outfit was well put together and if you use a mesh body you don’t have to worry about if it fits. Just alpha a few simple places and you are good to go. The stockings you see behind me are from Just Another Shop {JAS}. They add just the right amount of “kink” to christmas. The 4 stockings are labeled Brat, Daddy, Mommy, and Dork… If you take a look at the close up theres really nothing to say as these stockings say it for themselves. 
Totally Top Shelf opens today at 12noon SLT
HAIR: Besom~ Alder
OUTFIT: Jinx : Festive Elf – Krampus Edition @ TTS
PROPS: {JAS} XMas-Socks @ TTS


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