~ Green With Envy? I Think Not! ~

Hello Loves!! 
That moment when 1 + 1 = 2… I know you are like O.o wth? And it’s cool I know I can be a bit weird.. But first let me explain.. One of my Sponsors Violetility made this super hot skin, pause, yes I know I am green but I look goooooood! And, another of my Sponsors Selenophilia made this shape for the skin and can I just ask that we stop to take a moment to take it all in… I’m just saying.. that booty tho… See now? 1 + 1 = 2 because together this shape and skin is too hot to handle! 
Ok Ok.. the hair I have on is from Blues and is a group gift. You can find it right at the entrance next to the group joiner alongside another gift hair. The body suit comes from .SALT and is an exclusive gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt which ends on the 30th so hurry and check it out before its too late. I will post all the links to stores in the credits. 
HAIR: Blues. Valerie 
SKIN: .:V:. The Ghoulia Skin
SHAPE: Selenophilia ~ Ghoulia Shape

POSE: oOo Studio: Footsie


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