~ Catch Me If You Can ~

Hello again!! Yaay ok so more awesome things from The Dirty Turkey Hunt. If you didn’t know it was going on.. now you do. And, if you haven’t gotten started… do it now lol. This hunt last until Nov. 30th and has lots of amazing gifts. The hunt is from Depraved Nation and contains 100 stores grid wide. I will post all info at the end of this post so be sure to hit the links and check it out.
Today I will be featuring a super cute big girl onsie, that’s what I call it because someone in my life has given me a side eye or two over it haha, it’s a hunt item from .Epoch.. I came across a cute pose from String Me Up during the hunt called The Chase. Also the November group gift hair from Besom is out if you haven’t already gone to snag that I recommend you do so before the month is up. Besom’s group is free to join and last months gift can still be picked up as well, also make sure you hit that Midnight Mania board while you are there.
Since I already have my PJ’s on i should probably bid you all good night! But of course I must first say Thank You for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. 

Besom ~ Bellinia

Eye Make-Up:

{Dead Apples} Tint My Lids – Black

*past group gift still in the store*


MANIK QUEEN – Auttumn Shimmer Lips


.epoch. Novi Onsie


SMU- The Chase

~Website for Depraved Nations~
Dirty Turkey Hunt


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