~ Through the Night ~

HiHi beautiful people!!! So I have a short but sweet post for you guys today featuring items from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. One thing you guys will come to learn about me is I am a sucker for a good hunt xD. So, the Dirty Turkey Hunt is a grid wide hunt that includes 100 stores with items ranging from clothing to poses and many things in between. You have from now until Nov. 30th to get your hunt on so be sure to click the link down below and check out both the store list and the gallery with the pictures of the hunt prizes. 
Any who… about todays post :p .. I have some great items from this hunt such as a little black dress from Kaithleen’s, super cute heels from Latreia, hair from Static, and a pose set from BellePoses that I fell in love with. I said I would keep this post short and sweet so im going to get on to it. The link to hunt website will be listed below and as always LMs to stores are located in the headers. 
Thanks for stopping by!!
Static. Angelica – Black Galaxy
Kaithleen’s Little Black Dress for DTH
Latreia Desire Heels
BellePoses – Carolyn (comes with candle)
Stores & Hints for

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